Jamaican Coffee


PROCESSING: Mostly fully washed; some naturals are available.
HARVEST PERIOD: January – April
ANNUAL COFFEE PRODUCTION: 1 – 1.2 million bags (total)



Only coffee from the Blue Mountain District may be labeled as Jamaica Blue Mountain. Known as an exceptionally smooth and mild coffee, characteristic Blue Mountain is nevertheless full-bodied and complex, often subtly sweet with chocolate overtones, along with floral and herbal notes.

Puerto Rico

98% of Puerto Rican coffee is consumed internally. Heavy body, creamy mouthfeel, a robust earthiness, and buttery sweetness are common descriptors for this highly-prized coffee.

Dominican Republic

The four main market names are Cibao, Bani, Ocoa, and Barahona. Organics are increasingly available.

After many decades, it is now legal to import Cuban coffee to the United States again under extremely limited conditions. It may be years before we see it widely available, and there is a concern that the Cuban coffee industry will be unable to cope with the increased demand. Even in Cuba, many locals drink “Cuban-style” coffee because genuine Cuban coffee is unavailable.

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