Honduras Success Story


Your Donations Rebuilt A Drinking Water System In Honduras.

San José de Oriente has had a great change in recent months after the disaster left by the ETA/IOTA hurricanes, little-by-little the debris began to be cleaned, the streets were rehabilitated again and each family began to rebuild their houses; but the drinking water system is the largest and most important infrastructure project in the community, not only because of the amount of work and its cost but also because of the collaboration and contribution of the community.

1. The water tank that belonged to the former private hydroelectric project is now reconditioned and in use and is the first recipient of the water that comes directly from the source. The tank is divided into two parts, the first part will function as a “desander” filter that will clean the water of the heaviest particles. In addition, the surrounding forest is now part of the watershed of the water source.

2. The construction of the dam that captures the water at its source was completed, this is much larger than the one the community had before the hurricane, this water source produces 4 gallons/second.

3. The pipeline leading from the water source to the first tank was completely installed, at a distance of approximately 2000 meters, then the pipeline leading from the main tank to the two distribution tanks that the community already had, at a distance of approximately 4200 meters. Small load-breaking tanks were also built to relieve the water pressure on its descent; in addition, concrete structures were built to strengthen the pipeline through the streams and rivers, to prevent damage to the pipeline in future flooding of the rivers.

4. Now the water has reached the distribution tanks and therefore the faucets in the houses, all the neighbors are using this water for cooking, washing clothes, personal hygiene, processing their coffees, etc; People no longer have to carry water in buckets and barrels from other parts of the community or take water from the rivers for domestic use in their homes, now they have clean and abundant water.

Here is a summary table of the use of the funds donated by ICT Coffee and the community. In addition, parallel to this report, we share the report that the responsible committee prepared punctually and without leaving out any detail of the project costs, as evidence of the efficient and transparent use of the available funds.

At the time that the new water project was incorporated into the distribution network in the community, this collapsed, the distribution pipelines do not support and constantly break or leak, because the drinking water distribution network in San Jose is obsolete since it was installed in 1973, and most of it was also damaged by hurricanes; currently provisional and superficial installations were made in different neighborhoods of the community. So, San Jose has proposed to work to build a new drinking water distribution network, which meets all the standards for the distribution of water to all homes in the community; therefore, the committee proposes that, with the balance of the funds donated by ICT Coffee, a civil study of a new drinking water distribution network can be carried out.

The people of San José de Oriente are deeply grateful to the entire ICT Coffee team and the people who donated to the fundraising campaign. Thanks to their efforts and financial support we were able to complete this important project that will provide better living conditions and development for our families and future generations.

Gracias amigos.
From the people of
San Jose de Oriente, Honduras.

Thank you to all the donors who made this possible including…

Ruth Isaac
Jonathan Cox
Greg Mazzatta
David Bates
Hannah Jennings
Andrew Gibbon
Gail McElroy
Don Pisano
Laura DiProspero

Robin Jabin
Andrea C Mersch
David Bagley
Diane Mccoy
Jeffrey Mass
Dominic Digiovanni
Patrick Lyon
Matthew Swenson
Mitchell J Popadziuk
Burc Maruflu

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