Cafescor Education Project

Project Overview: CAFESCOR Education Initiative by ICT Coffee

At ICT Coffee, we believe in the power of education to transform communities and pave the way for a brighter future. As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we proudly participated in the CAFESCOR Education Project, an initiative aimed at providing essential supplies to 1,000 school children in Honduras.

Project Objectives:

Our goal was multifaceted, focusing on key aspects to uplift the educational landscape in the region:

  1. Reduce School Dropout Rates: We aimed to contribute to a decline in school dropout rates, ensuring that children have the necessary tools to start or continue their educational journey.
  2. Promote Education for Community Development: By instilling the importance of education, we aspired to foster the development of more vibrant and resilient communities.
  3. Prevent Youth Migration: Recognizing the challenges facing the country, particularly in the coffee sector, we sought to provide a compelling reason for younger generations to stay and invest in their local communities.
  4. Engage Parents: We aimed to raise awareness among parents about the crucial role they play in supporting their children’s education.


Our efforts yielded significant results, making a tangible impact on education in the western region of Honduras:

  • 1,000 Children Reached: Through collaboration with the Cafescor Cooperative membership, we successfully provided supplies to 1,000 school children.
  • 23 Educational Centers Supported: Our initiative extended its reach to 23 educational centers across all three levels of schooling, directly impacting the educational experience of the children.
  • Reduced School Dropouts: We contributed to a decline in school dropout rates, promoting motivation among cooperatives to continue investing in education.
  • Understanding Children’s Needs: By engaging directly with schools and children, we gained valuable insights into their needs, enabling us to channel more resources toward supporting education.
  • Community Awareness and Support: Our initiative generated positive actions within society, encouraging support for children in need and motivating them to pursue their studies for a better future.

Next Steps:

Our commitment to education doesn’t end here. We are dedicated to taking further actions to support education in the community:

  • Sustaining Partnerships: We will continue our partnership with CAFESCOR and actively engage in campaigns to further support education.
  • Seeking Additional Partnerships: We aim to collaborate with more partners to provide scholarships to schoolchildren, expanding our impact within the community.
  • Implementing Academic Qualifications: We are committed to implementing high academic standards, empowering children to continue their studies according to their academic levels.

Watch the video detailing our efforts and meet the beneficiaries who have already experienced the positive changes brought about by the CAFESCOR Education Initiative. Together, let’s build a future where education is a beacon of hope for all.

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