Colombian Coffee


PROCESSING: Washed, Natural, Honey
HARVEST PERIOD: September – December
ARRIVAL PERIOD: February – April
ANNUAL COFFEE PRODUCTION: 13-17 million bags


Valle del Cauca

The Valle de Cauca region is located in the western half of Colombia. It is one of the country’s most important coffee-growing regions. Average temperatures in Valle del Cauca range from 19-20 degrees Celsius year-round, with about 12 hours of daylight.


Magdalena is located in the northern region of Colombia and is the source of many of our organic Colombian offerings. Sierra Marta de Santa Maria is a beautiful mountainous area that has been the scene of extensive political and military conflict over the past decades. The Sierra coffee crops are grown at 900 – 1,600 meters, as an optimum area (despite the existence of marginal areas above and below this range). Steeply pitched slopes of up to 80 degrees make harvesting difficult but allow for exceptional drainage.


Veracruz is on the Gulf side of Mexico’s central mountain range, and the home of the well-known Huatusco sub-region. Veracruz was the first region in Mexico to produce coffee and had garnered many Cup of Excellence awards in recent years.

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