Drying Coffee Beans: Process at Beneficio San Vicente, Honduras


By: Bianca Bagley

At Intercontinental Coffee Trading, we take pride in sourcing the finest green coffee beans for sale from reputable suppliers worldwide. In our latest video, we showcase the meticulous process of drying coffee beans at Beneficio San Vicente in Santa Barbara, Honduras. This article provides an in-depth look at the drying methods employed by one of our trusted partners, emphasizing the importance of quality in every step of the coffee journey.


The Unique Process of Drying Washed Coffee on Parchment


Understanding Washed Coffee on Parchment

Washed coffee refers to beans that have been meticulously processed to remove the pulp and mucilage, leaving the beans on parchment. This method enhances the clarity of flavors in the final cup.


The Greenhouse-Like Drying Station


  • Enclosed Environment: Beneficio San Vicente employs a greenhouse structure for drying, providing a controlled environment that shields the beans from unpredictable weather conditions.
  • Raised Beds: The beans are laid out on raised beds within this enclosed space, ensuring optimal air circulation around each bean.

Precision in Drying Coffee for Consistent Quality


Even Drying for Flavor Perfection


  • Uniform Drying: The enclosed drying station facilitates even drying, preventing uneven moisture levels and ensuring consistent flavor development.
  • Protection from the Elements: The setup protects the beans from rain and excess humidity, safeguarding their quality during the critical drying phase.

Beneficio San Vicente’s Commitment to Excellence


  • Quality Assurance: The commitment to quality at Beneficio San Vicente extends to the drying process, where attention to detail is paramount.
  • Expertise in Every Batch: By drying washed coffee on raised beds in a controlled environment, Beneficio San Vicente showcases expertise in preserving the unique characteristics of each batch.

Green Coffee Bean Importers’ Choice for Excellence


A Trusted Partner for Wholesale Green Coffee Beans


  • Quality Selection: As green coffee bean importers, we prioritize partnerships with suppliers like Beneficio San Vicente, known for their dedication to quality at every stage.
  • Exceptional Offerings: The meticulous drying methods contribute to the exceptional quality of the green coffee beans we offer for sale.

Experience Unroasted Coffee Beans


In the heart of Santa Barbara, Honduras, Beneficio San Vicente employs precision and care in drying washed coffee beans, creating a product that stands testament to their commitment to excellence. At Intercontinental Coffee Trading, we’re proud to bring this dedication to quality to coffee enthusiasts through our selection of wholesale green coffee beans. From the enclosed drying station to the raised beds, each step contributes to the outstanding unroasted coffee beans we provide.

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