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Meet Bianca Bagley 

I’m Bianca Bagley, a Green Coffee Trader and a licensed Q Arabica Grader. Every day, I dive into the world of coffee, sourcing, tasting, and grading beans from various origins, ensuring quality is consistent and meets our contractual agreements. I host cuppings for roasters of all levels and bring my expertise to the table. My journey has taken me to coffee-producing regions like Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru, where I’ve immersed myself in understanding the supply chain and learning unique processing methods from producers. I’ve even collaborated with quality control teams within these origins, enhancing my understanding of the industry so I can bring you the best green coffee beans for sale.
With a wealth of experience, I’ve actively participated in conventions, and attended seminars, classes, all associated with green coffee sourcing, procurement, sustainability, futures, trading, and industry challenges. Beyond that, I’m your go-to guide for roasters seeking the perfect beans, offering insights based on seasonality, blending requirements, and extraction methods. Let’s brew something great together!
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