Buy International Green Coffee Beans: The 10 Best Coffee Beans From Around the World

Everyone has a favorite kind of coffee. Some people are wild about Sumatra, others can’t get enough of Jamaican Blue Mountain, and still more insist that Colombian coffees are the bean to beat.

As a supplier of international coffees, we know that you want to provide your clients with the world’s best coffee. But where exactly does that come from?

Read on to see our picks for the countries that make the best coffee in the world.

Then, learn how you can find high-quality green coffee beans from international growers that will allow you to cement your reputation as a sought-after roaster or supplier.

1. Bolivia

Looking for the perfect medium-bodied green coffee bean? If so, then be on the lookout for beans from the Yungus region of Central Bolivia.

Because of the region’s tropical climate, the beans have beautiful notes of citrus and sweet green fruit. Plus, they’re known for their bright acidity. The beans are washed during processing and are usually harvested between July and November. What’s one more reason why Bolivia has some of the best coffee beans in the world? The country has an incredible commitment to Fair Trade practices. Plus, the beans are usually certified organic — so you can be confident that you’re selling your customers beans that are ethical, free from harsh chemicals, and delicious.

2. Brazil

Given that Brazil is the world’s number-one coffee producer, most people have had the pleasure of experiencing the nutty, somewhat sweet taste of Brazilian coffee beans.

In fact, many of the most popular espresso blends are made with Brazilian coffee beans — so, if you’re looking to roast your own espresso blend, rely on Brazilian beans to give you the perfect result. Many roasters and coffee wholesalers think Brazil makes the world’s best coffee because of the diversity of beans it has to offer. You can select green beans from the Cerrado region if you’re looking for caramel notes, beans from Sul de Minas if you’re on the hunt for pulped natural beans, or rely on the Mogiana region to provide you with beans carrying notes of chocolate.

Brazilian beans are generally harvested between May and September.

3. Ethiopia

If you pride yourself on being a provider of the finest Arabica green coffee beans, then you’re likely already familiar with the beauty of Ethiopian coffee. Plus, you’re able to choose between both natural and washed coffee beans in Ethiopia, thanks to the incredible diversity of the country’s growing regions.

For many, the best coffee is made from beans grown in the Sidamo region. Here, you’ll experience notes of blueberry and currant, alongside a distinctly spicy flavor — the region’s trademark.

If you’re looking for a green bean with even fruitier notes, we suggest you try those grown in the Harrar (or Moka Harrar) region. You’ll get strong notes of sweetness and blueberry, especially since the coffee is dry-processed to preserve flavors.

Their harvest period runs between November and March.

4. Guatemala

Looking for the best coffee beans in the world for those with a refined palate and expensive taste? If so, then look no further than Guatemala, the home to some of the most in-demand premium green coffee beans. The country is especially celebrated for its commitment to eco-friendly coffee farming, meaning it’s perfect for your clients who prioritize minimizing their environmental impact. It’s tough to go wrong with any bean from the famous Antigua region, nestled in between no less than three volcanoes.

The rich soil of the region produces beans with an especially velvety body and a strong, unmistakable aroma. We suggest trying the Catuai, Caturra, and Bourbon varietals to get a true taste of the Antigua region.

The beans are primarily harvested in the months between December and April.

5. India

Looking for Sumatra green coffee beans? India, home to the world-famous Sumatra region, can provide them.

What’s so unique about Sumatra beans is that most of them come from smaller farms, so that even a single bag contains lots of different beans from numerous farmers. If you’re looking for a full-bodied and earthy taste, then Sumatra beans are certainly the right choice. This is all thanks to the unique Giling Basah washing technique, which yields washed, semi-washed, and natural green beans.

Of course, in addition to Sumatra beans, India is also home to Java coffees. Java beans are somewhat less acidic than the Sumatra beans and don’t have quite as much of an earthy taste to them. You’ll also experience herbal notes when sipping on a blend made from Java beans. If you prefer a lighter, more unique bean, then consider buying beans made in the Gayo (Aceh) region. These beans are grown close to the Sumatra region but are much lighter and sweeter.

Usually, Indian coffee beans are harvested between October and January.

The Best Coffee Begins with the Right Beans

If you’re interested in becoming a supplier of international coffees, then you need to understand that the quality of the green beans you purchase depends on much more than just the region alone.

At International Coffee Trading, we’re committed to bringing coffee wholesalers, suppliers, and other coffee aficionados the very best coffee beans possible. We provide impeccable green coffee beans from countless regions and countries, allowing you to create the perfect roast.

We also conduct frequent farm visits, ensuring that the farmers who make our coffee are using ethical practices and grow their beans up to our high standards.

We invite you to take a look at the coffees we currently have on offer, and to purchase a batch to experience the ICT difference.

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