Decaf MC Brazil 2/3 SC 14/16

Decaf MC


The Methylene Chloride (MC) decaffeination process is a common method for removing caffeine from coffee beans. In this technique, green beans are first soaked to open their pores and then treated with methylene chloride, a solvent that specifically targets and bonds with caffeine. The solvent is then washed off, taking the caffeine with it. This step may be repeated to ensure thorough caffeine removal. The beans are finally dried to their original state. While there are health concerns about methylene chloride, the beans are rigorously cleaned, and the residual solvent is typically within safe, internationally recognized limits. The MC process is popular for efficiently preserving the original flavor and aroma of the coffee.

Bag Size

60 Kg Bags


Brazil 2/3 SC 14/16


Dupuy Jacksonville



Cupping Notes

Mild Acidity, Smooth Body, Brown Spice, Chocolate, Nutty, Clean Finish

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