What Are the Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew?

Cold brew is all the rage now. The cold brew market has jumped 370% since 2015!

If your company is new to cold brew, you might be wondering what the best beans are for this new craze?

Cold Brew, What Is It?

If you are new to the cold brew gang, you are going to need a bit of introduction to what cold brew is.

Cold brew is coffee that is not prepped with ANY heat whatsoever.

For example, the coffee beans are steeped in filtered cold water for a period of time. This allows the beans to extract the flavor.

Cold brew is different from your favorite iced coffee because iced coffee is regular brewed coffee, cooled, and poured over ice.

What Kind of Coffee Should You Use for Cold Brew?

When it comes to coffee, the decision can be very complicated. Many people go as far as referring to it as going to a wine tasting event to find the one that suits them.

However, there are many variables that come with coffee, including:

  • Where is it grown
  • Variety of bean
  • How the bean was picked
  • The elevation where it was grown
  • What was the process
  • How it was roasted
  • How do you store your coffee

What is the best kind of coffee, though?

Of course, you are still curious about what is the best kind of coffee you need to pick up when you want your cold brew. You are looking down the aisles, and see coffee grounds and coffee beans. Which one do you choose?

Should You Grind Your Own Coffee or Buy Pre-Ground for Cold Brew?

You know when it comes to coffee, you are either team “pre-ground” or team “grind our own beans.”

But when it comes to cold brew coffee, the entire idea is to get as much flavor out of the bean as possible.

However, there will be pros and cons to both pre-ground and grinding your own beans.

Pre-Ground Coffee Beans

When you purchase pre-ground coffee beans, you are buying them because it is convenient. If you don’t have time to grind your beans, this is the route you choose.

However, that isn’t to say there aren’t a few drawbacks. The biggest downside being, you will never have the freshest cup of coffee.

Did you know when the beans have been pre-ground it loses nearly 60 percent of its aroma in less than 15 minutes?

Grinding Your Own Beans

Grinding your own coffee beans is going to be a little bit more time intensive. You will also be getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to the flavor department.

Of course, before you grind your own beans, you will want to ensure you have the correct coffee grinder. Your coffee grinder is vital to this process because you want consistent and even coffee grounds to extract the best possible flavors from the beans.

If you are not a daily coffee drinker, you will notice that your beans may go bad on you. While this is a major drawback, you should know that freshly roasted beans stay fresh between 2 to 3 weeks.

Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew – Blend or Single Origin?

Many people couldn’t tell you if they liked a single origin or a blend. Most people will point at the bag and tell you that is the bag I use to create my cup of Joe.

However, you are a fancy coffee person now. You are on the cold brew kick, looking to taste the subtle notes of every bean.

And because you are all about those subtle notes, you will want to stick to light and medium roasts. These have those delicate flavors.

When it comes to cold brew, it is best to stick to a single origin. Some of the best origins for cold brew are:

  • Brazilian
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  • Indonesian Sulawesi
  • Konda
  • Kenyan
  • Mocha Java
  • Peruvian
  • Sumatra

Keep in mind that you can get a decent cup of Joe with nearly any bean, but if you want to take your cup of Joe to the next level, these bean origins will be your best best.

Why Should I Stick to Light and Medium Roasts?

The light and medium roasts have a better flavor with the prepping method of the cold brew.

Cold brew will already have a richer, darker flavor. Whether the flavor is earthy, syrupy, or chocolatey.

Where Can I Get Some of the Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew?

Ready to start selling some of the best cold brews in town? You now know the best coffee beans for cold brew and if you should ground them in-house or purchase them pre-ground.

No matter what you choose, you are on the path to happy customers.

Need some of the best beans that we’ve discussed here? You will want to place your order with us today.

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