Intercontinental Coffee Trading Announces Partnership with Hamburg Coffee Company

Intercontinental Coffee Trading (ICT) is pleased to announce that it is entering into a new partnership with Hamburg Coffee Company (HACOFCO) of Hamburg, Germany. HACOFCO is a leading European trading company and was founded in 1987 by Bent Dietrich. Hamburg Coffee Company will be a majority stakeholder in Intercontinental Coffee Trading.


ICT, a specialty coffee company based in San Diego, CA was co-founded in 2009 by Lisa Colon in Westlake Village, California. Along with her team, she has created an innovative, forward-thinking and modern specialty green coffee company through ICT. Their combination of expertise and commitment to quality and customer service has allowed ICT to experience rapid growth since its inception, and to become a major supplier of certified and sustainable coffees to clients ranging from micro-roasters to large multi-national corporations.


In 1992, Hamburg Coffee Company also founded American Coffee Corporation (AMCOF) which is located in Jersey City, NJ. They are regarded as a highly reliable supplier of quality products and are renowned for their excellent service. The Hacofco Group has an extensive network of local agents world-wide and trades 3 million bags per annum. Their combined expertise in global procurement and distribution of high quality Arabica, Decaffeinated and Robusta coffees is recognized throughout the industry.


Through this new partnership, Intercontinental Coffee Trading will be able to further develop their formidable strengths to provide even more exceptional service to their clients as a leading supplier of specialty green coffee to roasters in the United States and Canada. ICT’s focus on specialty coffee will fit synergistically with AMCOF’s wealth of experience and success in commercial and high end coffees, allowing both companies to expand and grow their customer base in North America.


“I am excited at the opportunity of being a part of the HACOFCO group as their specialty arm in North America. I believe strongly that this new partnership will provide ICT with the resources to continue our focus on growth, sustainability and delivering excellent customer service to our clients nationwide.” Ms. Colon said about the merger. Colon has spent over 25 years in the coffee industry building and developing lasting relationships with producers, exporters, importers and roasters worldwide.


The integration of Intercontinental Coffee Trading and Hamburg Coffee was effective Wednesday, February 22, 2017. ICT will continue to operate under its brand name. Lisa Colon, CEO and Jason Remmer, VP will serve as managing partners and will operate out of the San Diego office.

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