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Puerto Rico Ciales

Puerto Rico Ciales 2
Region: Ciales Mountains
Producer: Cafe Chevere
Varietal: Heirloom (via Ethiopia), Bourbon
Altitude: 2,700 feet
Processing: Washed
Availability: East Coast
ICT is excited to offer one of the rarest coffees in the world, sourced from one of Puerto Rico’s finest producers. Coffee was introduced to Puerto Rico from Ethiopia in 1736, and has been cultivated in the Ciales Mountains since 1820.

Once one of the leading coffee origins in the world, Puerto Rico’s production has fallen off dramatically. These days premium coffee from Puerto Rico is rarely seen abroad, and we’re very fortunate to have obtained a few bags on this spectacular offering. As soon as we cupped it, we knew we had to offer it to our roaster clients.

Cupping Notes: Uniquely Caribbean. Earthy and full-bodied with a pronounced dark fruit character, chocolate and a delightful sweetness. Velvety mouthfeel with smooth acidity and an incredibly long, smooth finish.


Costa Rica Microlot –  Cerro San Luis


Producer: Delgado
Region: West Valley
Altitude: 1500-1600 meters
Varietal: Caturra, Catuaí, Villa Sarchí
Processing: Natural
Grade: 15+
Availability: West Coast
With several years of experience in the trade/guild of coffee, Mr. Alexander Delgado and his wife, Ms. Delgado Magally have been working hard, day by day in order to achieve excellence in their coffee project Cerro San Luis.

This family strives to make their coffee one of the best in Costa Rica. They work with several varietals of coffee such as Catuaí, Caturra, and Villa Sarchí and have been innovating with Geisha, SL-28 and Villalobos varieties. The farms are beautiful, with excellent care of plantations and beautiful landscapes that collaborate to extract a high quality coffee.

Cupping Notes: Round-bodied and silky, tangerine Zest, caramel and dark chocolate, juicy. 89 points.


Costa Rica Microlot – La Perla de Cafe


Producer: Barrantes
Region: West Valley
Altitude: 1500 meters Varietal: Villa Sarchí, Kenia SL 28, Geisha
Processing: Honey
Grade: 15+
Availability: West Coast
La Perla del Café is the name of the micro mill of Carlos and Diana Barrantes. This wonderful coffee project (farm and mill) are located in Naranjo, Alajuela Province (one of the best areas to produce coffee). This area is known for several leading coffee producers in the country, decorated with Cup of Excellence awards, amongst others.

The name “Perla del Café” is in honor of this incredible product that has changed the Barrante’s life. In this farm it is possible to find different varietals – currently, they are experimenting with and comparing how well the different varietals grow within the unique micro-climates of their operations. They are growing SL 28 (the well-known varietal grown in Kenya), Geisha, along with Villa Sarchí—Costa Rica’s more well-known and established varietal.

Cupping Notes: Good body, citric, caramel, orange, luscious fruit. 88 points.


Fair Trade Organic Bolivia
Producer: Cooperativa Mejillones
Region: Cantón Calama Provincia Caranavi
Altitude: 1,500-1,700 Meters
Grade: SHB EP
Processing: Washed, Sun-dried
Variety: Typica, Catuai Certified: FTO
Availability: West Coast
ICT is pleased to offer this spectacular Fair Trade Organic coffee from Northwest Bolivia. The Mejillones cooperative was founded in 1988 when the original 20 farmer members came together to promote organic practices and quality coffee production in the region.

Today they produce 3,750,000 pounds of green coffee annually. Mejillones Commercial Manager Marcial Huanca is certified as a Q-grader and has judged at Cup of Excellence and Cup of Fair Trade competitions. On average, Mejillones producers own 4-8 hectares of land, with much of that dedicated to coffee. Wet processing is done individually on site.

Cupping Notes: Chocolaty, squash, fig, hazelnut; chardonnay-like, pleasant acidity, super creamy body and very balanced. 88.50 Points


Jamaica Blue Mountain

Extremely limited quantity – 30 kg Barrels Farm: Mavis Bank Estate
Established: 1920
Altitude: 3,000 feet Processing: Washed Variety: Typica
Availability: Nationwide
Blue Mountain is one of the most revered names in coffee, and Mavis Bank Estates is the most trusted name in Jamaica Blue Mountain. Mavis Bank is 100% Jamaican owned and has been producing superb coffees for a Century.

Cupping Notes: Bright, mild and exceptionally smooth with complex floral and herbal overtones. Instantly recognizable.


Hawaiian Kona

Extremely Limited Quantity – 100 pound bagsGrade: Fancy and Prime
Varietal: Typica (Guatemala)
Altitude: 1,500-2,000 feet
Processing: Washed and dry-milled on-site
Availability: East Coast
Kona is one of the most legendary names in the coffee world, and it’s for good reason. 100% Kona coffee is unique – entirely hand-picked and subject to the most expensive and exacting processing in the coffee industry. The unique climate and volcanic soils of Mount Hualalai produce a coffee of smooth acidity, complex fragrance and hints of wine and fruit.

We sourced this coffee from one of the most revered producers in Hawaii, a farm that has been producing the best in Kona coffees since the mid-19th Century. Its refined acidity and deep, mellow fruit tones are unique among Kona coffees. To be eligible for the clickmiamibeach.com welcome bonus offer simply sign up as a new player and make a deposit using any of your supported payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Skrill, NETeller, and more.

Cupping Notes: Refined, winey acidity and luxuriously smooth mouthfeel. Cabernet-like notes of cassis and blackberry. Long, lingering finish.


Guatemala Microlot


Region: Ciudad Vieja, Sacatpequez
Altitude: 5,000-5,500 feet
Production: 825 bags per year
Shade: Gravilea
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
Availability: West Coast
Hailing from the Alotenanago region, these farmers are focused solely on quality from beginning to end. The small producers take care to only pick the ripest cherries by hand, careful not to mix in any green or unripe cherries. The coffee is promptly delivered in cherry to a small wet mill in Alotenango. The wet mill’s focus on quality is unwavering. Once the coffee is is in parchment, it is then cleaned by hand. This is regarded as an artisanal procedure and only small quantities are processed, producing a high quality, pronounced cup.

Cupping Notes: Very complex/layered; starts herbal, milk chocolate, butterscotch, orange; silky and creamy, high acidity, sweet, juicy lingering aftertaste.


New Guinea A


Farms: Smallholder Produced
Altitude: 1800-2400 meters
Dry Mill: Niugini
Varietal: Typica
Availability: Nationwide
ICT is pleased to offer this delicious Grade A from Northeast New Guinea. Produced by small farmers at the village level, this coffee is washed and sun-dried, undergoing processing at Niugini Coffee, Tea & Spice Drymills.

Cupping Notes: Flowers, peach, brown sugar; nice/sweet acidity, med smooth body; clean finish.



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