ICT Joins Grounds For Health “Penny Per Pound”

Intercontinental Coffee Trading is pleased to announce that we have joined the Grounds for Health Penny Per Pound donations program.

Through Penny Per Pound, Grounds for Health is able to raise funds for the prevention, treatment and cure of cervical cancer.  Roasters that buy coffee through ICT can opt to add between 0.5¢ and 1¢ per pound to the purchase price. ICT will calculate donations on a quarterly basis and send the contribution directly to Grounds for Health.  ICT will happily match 50% of your donation.

Roasters may choose to donate a percentage of all their purchases, or donate on a purchase-by-purchase basis.  All participating roasters will be recognized on the Grounds for Health website, in annual reports and tradeshow signage. Participants will also be able to promote their involvement on their own websites with use of the Grounds for Health logo.

All contributions made to Grounds for Health are an allowable tax-deductible business expense. All participating organizations will receive an annual letter confirming contribution for that tax year to ensure tax benefits can be fully realized.

For more details and to register, roasters may contact Pam Kahl at pam@groundsforhealth.org, or call or email ICT and indicate to your trader that you would like to participate in this worthwhile program.

Thank you for being a part of Penny Per Pound!


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