ICT: Celebrating Lohas Beans World-Class Achievement

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Intercontinental Coffee Trading (ICT) is proud to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of our origin partner, Lohas Beans, whose exceptional coffee secured the top two positions at the prestigious World Barista Championships last week. This landmark event not only showcased the pinnacle of barista artistry but also highlighted the unmatched quality of the beans that make such achievements possible.

Exceptional Beans Lead to Global Recognition

At the heart of every great coffee experience are the beans themselves. This year, the World Barista Championship, an event celebrated for its fierce competition and high standards, was a testament to the excellence of the beans provided by ICT’s partners.

First Place Victory: A Tribute to Quality and Partnership

Mikael Jasin from Indonesia, crowned as the World Barista Champion of 2024, chose to use Bourbon Aji Tropical beans for his milk and signature beverage. These beans, sourced from Nestor Lasso’s Finca El Diviso, are renowned for their rich flavors and exceptional quality. Jasin’s choice highlights not only his skills as a barista but also his trust in the superb quality of the beans cultivated by our dedicated partners.

Second Place: A Celebration of Unique Flavors

Following closely in second place, Jack Simpson represented Australia with a stellar performance using Pacamara natural beans from Zarza Coffee, managed by Jhonatan Gasca. These beans are celebrated for their distinctive flavor profile and contributed significantly to Simpson’s success in both his milk and signature beverages. The use of such unique beans underscores the importance of variety and excellence in the coffee industry.

Buy Lohas Beans at ICT

ICT is committed to bringing the best green coffee beans to the global market. Here’s why coffee roasters and baristas choose us:

  • Direct Partnerships with Origin Farmers: We maintain close relationships with coffee farmers like Lohas Beans to ensure the highest quality and sustainability.
  • Award-Winning Beans: Our partners’ beans are consistently recognized at global competitions, proving their excellence and your potential for world-class beverages.
  • Diversity of Selection: From Bourbon Aji Tropical to Pacamara natural, we offer a wide range of beans to cater to every taste and requirement.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Coffee Excellence

The success at the World Barista Championships is just the beginning. ICT aims to continue supporting our partners and clients by providing beans that are not only capable of winning competitions but also delighting customers around the world. Whether you are a barista looking to make your mark in competitions or a roaster seeking to offer the best to your clients, ICT is your trusted partner in coffee excellence.

In conclusion, the remarkable achievements of Mikael Jasin and Jack Simpson at the World Barista Championships 2024 are a clear indicator of the quality and potential of the beans provided by ICT and our partners. We celebrate their success and invite you to discover how our award-winning green coffee beans can elevate your coffee offerings. Join us in our journey to foster excellence in every cup!

For more information on our products and how you can be part of this coffee excellence, visit our website and connect with us. Together, let’s shape the future of coffee!

Learn more about the World Barista Championships and our winning beans.

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