Green Coffee Beans for Sale: What to Look for When Buying Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans don’t just make a delicious cup of coffee — they also contain numerous health benefits.

These fabulous beans can help with weight management, keep blood pressure and blood sugar levels within a healthy range, and can even help you to focus throughout the day.

If you’re a coffee chain, an independent coffee shop, or even an entrepreneur ready to make your mark on the coffee industry as a whole, we know that you’re eager to get your hands on high-quality raw coffee beans to share with your customers and help to grow your business.

However, what are the most important things to consider and ask about when you’re looking for green coffee beans for sale? And where can you go to find beautiful roasts from all over the world?

Keep reading this post to find out.

Ask the Supplier Which Organizations They Belong To

When you’re buying green coffee beans, you need to ensure that the suppliers you’re working with have worked to build a strong reputation for themselves within the coffee industry as a whole.

Look for suppliers that are members of popular organizations within the coffee industry that denote high standards and a commitment to working with farmers ethically.

These include organizations like the Pacific Coast Coffee Organization, Grounds for Health, the National Coffee Association of the USA, Fair Trade USA, Speciality Coffee Association, and the Coffee Roasters Guild.

Look for Companies That Conduct Regular Farm Visits

Another important thing to ask about when you’re looking for green coffee beans for sale is the kinds of relationships that the supplier has with the farmers who produce the coffee.

Do they make regular visits to farms across the globe to ensure that they’re sourcing the best possible coffee? Can they provide updates about production and crops? Which countries and regions do they get their beans from? When they go on visits, how do they identify ethical working practices and fair pay for farmers?

Additionally, what kinds of conclusions can they share about what the farm visits have helped them understand regarding upcoming yields and prices?

Understand Their Logistics

When you’re getting into wholesale coffee, understanding the logistics that suppliers are able to offer you is an incredibly important part of the process.

You need to know if the supplier will handle the freight and arrange shipping on your behalf (though, of course per industry standards, you’ll be responsible for delivery, freight, and shipping charges).

Look for suppliers that have the experience and the connections to negotiate the best possible prices and discounts with farmers.

Also, be sure to ask about the purchase minimum — can you buy a single bag of coffee, or do you need to buy a container load?

How long after you place your order will your beans be shipped out to you? (Make sure you take warehouse deadlines into account here.) Know where their warehouses are located throughout the United States, and ensure that they’re able to monitor their shipments throughout the journey.

You don’t want to get your coffee late — so understanding the steps that the supplier takes to prevent this from happening will save you lots of stress and headaches.

Read Online Reviews and Testimonials

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re truly getting the best green coffee beans is to read online reviews and testimonials from past customers.

This will help you not only to understand the level of service you can expect to receive, but it will also help you to figure out if the supplier has experience working with clients that have needs similar to your own.

Figure out if they have experience selling to chains, small coffee shop, and cafe owners, micro-roasters, startups and entrepreneurs, and more.

These reviews will, of course, also help you to determine if past buyers were satisfied with the taste of the coffee, as well as the conditions in which it arrived at its final destination.

Make Sure They Offer a Wide Variety of Raw Coffee Beans

Perhaps the most important thing to look for when you’re interested in green coffee beans for sale is the inventory itself.

Look into the different regions that the supplier works within, keeping in mind that different climates and conditions will greatly impact the taste and flavors of the coffee beans.

For example, if you want slightly sweet green coffee beans with notes of floral, citrus, and chocolate flavors, look for beans from the Americas. If you’re on the hunt for green coffee beans with unique and fruity, heavier notes, then look for options from East Africa and the Middle East.

Or, you may find that you prefer beans that are a bit on the earthier side, that have lower acidity and a spicier flavor than most. Look to Asia for these beans, as many growers dry the beans on clay to enhance these flavor notes.

Additionally, does the supplier employ coffee tasters to ensure that the quality of the beans matches their standards? You want to be certain the supplier stands behind the beans they sell.

Where Can You Find Green Coffee Beans for Sale?

Now that you know exactly what to look for in a company that sells raw coffee beans, where can you go to find the best possible green coffee beans for sale?

At International Coffee Trading, we’re proud to be able to share our extensive inventory with you and your customers.

We offer beans from all across the globe and pride ourselves on having a deep and honest connection with coffee farmers.

Contact us to see what we’re offering, and be sure to keep checking in with our blog for more invaluable advice about all things green coffee beans.

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