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Explore the World of Unroasted Coffee Beans from Panama

Intercontinental Coffee Trading (ICT) invites you to embark on a journey to one of the world’s most renowned coffee-producing countries: Panama. Known for its rich, volcanic soil and ideal coffee growing climate, Panama offers an exquisite array of unroasted coffee beans that are as unique as they are flavorful. As a leading coffee supplier for coffee shops, ICT is proud to showcase the exceptional qualities of Panamanian coffee, a must-have for any coffee shop looking to diversify their offerings.

Why Choose Panamanian Coffee?

A Rich Diversity of Processing Methods

Panama’s coffee production is distinguished by its variety of processing methods, particularly for its Geisha lots, which are available in washed, natural, and honey-processed editions. This diversity in processing contributes to the wide range of flavor profiles, from the clean and bright notes of washed coffees to the sweet and complex characteristics of honey-processed beans.

  • Washed Process: Offers a cleaner cup with more defined flavors
  • Natural Process: Enhances the coffee’s body and sweetness
  • Honey Process: Strikes a balance between the washed and natural, offering a unique taste

The Harvest and Arrival Period

  • Harvest Period: January – April
  • Arrival Period: April – June

Timing is crucial in the coffee industry, and Panamanian coffee is no exception. The harvest period from January to April ensures that ICT can supply coffee shops with the freshest coffee beans possible, arriving just in time for a mid-year refresh of your coffee menu.

Exceptional Growing Regions

Panama boasts several coffee-growing regions, each contributing to the country’s reputation for high-quality coffee:

  • Boquete: Known for its Typica variety coffees, Boquete’s beans are often described as fruity, medium-bodied, and complex, with a distinct spicy character.
  • Mata de Minas & Volcan: Other notable regions that further Panama’s reputation for fine coffee, offering their unique profiles and qualities.

The Geisha Varietal and Beyond

Panama is celebrated for its rare coffee varietals, most notably the Geisha, originally native to Ethiopia. This varietal, along with others grown in Panama, tends to display more complexity and a distinctive character, setting Panamanian coffee apart from its neighbors, including Costa Rica.

Why ICT is Your Go-To Coffee Supplier for Coffee Shops

Intercontinental Coffee Trading is dedicated to sourcing the finest unroasted coffee beans from Panama, ensuring that coffee shops can offer their customers something truly extraordinary. With our focus on quality, sustainability, and flavor, ICT is the perfect partner for coffee shops looking to elevate their coffee offerings with beans that tell a story of their origin.

  • Direct Relationships: We work closely with Panamanian producers, ensuring ethical practices and the highest quality beans.
  • Expertise in Coffee: Our team’s deep understanding of coffee nuances ensures we select the best beans for our clients.
  • Tailored Solutions: Whether you’re a small boutique café or a large coffee shop chain, ICT offers tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Embark on a Green Coffee Bean Journey with ICT

Choosing Panamanian coffee means offering your customers a cup filled with complexity, character, and a story of a far-off land blessed by nature for coffee cultivation. With ICT as your coffee supplier, you don’t just buy unroasted coffee beans; you’re investing in an experience that coffee enthusiasts will cherish. Contact ICT and discover the unique charm of Panamanian coffee with us and let your coffee shop be the gateway to an unparalleled coffee journey.

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