Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

In these trying times, we want to strongly encourage all roasters affected by the coronavirus to apply for loans that help pay for salaries, rent/lease & other related business expenses, with low to zero interest through the SBA website. It’s part of the stimulus package, you can find it by clicking the button below:


COVID-19 Updates

Peru is under a nationwide lockdown with a government curfew until April 12. We are hearing mixed stories coming from different regions. Some producers are having a difficult time getting their coffee out from farms. This is resulting in the movement of coffee slowing down as producers need cash and there is a decrease in the number of pickers. In other regions, there are no restrictions on movement and producers are harvesting and delivering coffee.

FNC mills in Colombia are operating with slight delays due to a decrease in employee attendance. The government ordered a nationwide lockdown from March 25 – April 13. The Agricultural sector will take place normally and the government is supporting the coffee sector until April 13.

Honduras extended the nationwide lockdown until April 12. Mills are operating with slight delays as they are now only working six hours per day. Some companies and dry mills will open this week as permits will be granted. Transportation throughout the country is severely restricted. Despite the restrictions, we received word from one of our origin partners that they successfully delivered containers that were scheduled to ship this past weekend.

Two weeks ago Guatemala’s government placed restrictions on movement and closed all non-essential activities with coffee being an exception. Recent rumors we’ve heard are that the government will lift restrictions for the mills, which will allow them to operate at full capacity. Of the origin partners we work with, one has closed down until March 31st and another announced that their operating capacity is reduced to 40% for the time being. Coffee grown in higher altitudes in the Huehuetenango region are still being harvested, but due to some local travel restrictions, there is difficulty delivering the coffee to the mills.

So far there has been no government action in Nicaragua. Nicaraguans are now getting concerned and starting to self-isolate. There are container shortages and the mills are reluctant to push shipments earlier as the capacity is tight.

In Mexico, the government has not taken any action. Measures are being taken by companies independently. Due to improved pricing for producers, higher altitude coffees are being delivered to the mills.

The government in Indonesia is placing restrictions on movement. Medan is quiet with businesses starting to close. For the time being there are no restrictions on coffee and there is a sense of denial regarding COVID-19 outside of Medan.

In Ethiopia, schools are closing, but universities stay open. The movement of coffee is unaffected for the time being.

The Costa Rican government put restrictions on vehicle transit from 10pm – 5am. There is staff turnover in the dry mills, but coffee is still moving.

**All of the Origin Ports, US Ports, Warehouses and Shipping lines we work with remain fully operational**


Help Us Help You

ICT is fully operational and working from home. We’ve adjusted our cupping and sample procedures to align with COVID-19 safety precautions and all pre-shipments, arrivals, and offers are still being cupped and sent out. We aim to provide the most current and up to date information. From origin to warehouse, we are tracking all COVID-19 updates and will keep you informed with all future changes.
ICT stands by you, please reach out and call (619) 338-8335 if you need assistance.

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