Coffee Origin Report–12/8/15

Here’s a collection of reports from our contacts at origin:



  • Crop around Lake Toba has passed peak, and is predicted to come in at about 10% lower than prior year crop.
  • Current crop should last until roughly the beginning of 2016.  New crop should begin around late April
  • Crop around Aceh is at peak.  Current crop is about 20-30% lower than prior year crop. Cette libération de monoxyde d’azote va entraîner une augmentation d’un médiateur permettant l’érection.
  • Current crop should last until late January.
  • Because of a lack of overlap between the Lake Toba and Aceh crop, local prices are strong.



  • Crop is expected to be larger, coming in at 1.84-2 million bags.
  • There is some risk to quality due to unstable weather in the main drying areas.



  • Rain is providing some difficulty in the main drying areas here as well.
  • A lack of rain during the bean formation phase is causing lower yields from parchment to green coffee.
  • Rain through January is predicted to be close to normal levels.
  • October 1-November 15 exports were 81,203 bags.  This is a 16.24% increase over 2014/15 levels.



  • Farmers continue to harvest slowly due to low Robusta prices.
  • 32% of the 2015-16 crop was collected in October and November, well below the five-year average of 38%.
  • Dry weather has resulted in smaller beans than in last year’s crop.
  • Farmers are hoarding 275,000 tons at the end of September, 17 of the last harvest, compared with 4% last year.
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