Coffee bean selection guide how to choose the right wholesale coffee beans for your coffee shop

When you’re in the early stages of planning a new coffee shop, you know right away that you want everything to be the best it can for your customers. The very first thing that should be in your mind is crafting that perfect cup of coffee.

And the perfect cup of coffee starts with the perfect wholesale bulk coffee beans.

Buying coffee beans bulk might seem like a straightforward process, but there’s a lot that goes into selecting the beans that are right for your business.

To make sure that you bring your customers the best coffee from around the world, keep reading. We’re going to go over what makes the perfect cup of coffee and how you can make that perfect cup a reality for your customers.

Why Whole Beans?

The first lesson you’ll need to learn as the owner of a coffee shop is that you always buy whole beans, never ground.

While there are many conveniences that come with pre-roasted or pre-ground coffee, as soon as the coffee is pre-roasted or pre-ground it begins losing flavor and freshness. Investing in the art and science of roasting is more than worth it.

Know Your Coffee Origins

The part of the world that your coffee beans grow in plays a huge role in the way the coffee tastes. Different geographic regions produce different flavors and characteristics.

The differences in the soul, elevation, and even the way that different growers farm their beans can change the flavor profile.

Americans are more familiar with coffee that comes from Central America and Colombia. This region is known for producing a well-balanced cup with just the right amount of acidity. Most big name brands that sit on the shelves in the grocery store get their coffee from Colombia.

Coffee from Brazil tends to be on the darker side, good for espresso blends. This coffee has a chocolatey flavor whereas coffee sourced from Hawaii tends to be sweeter and milder.

The region that your coffee beans come from matters and it’s something you should give serious consideration to before settling on what kind of coffee to serve in your store.

Learn the Different Roasts

The roasting process has a tremendous amount to do with the flavor of your cup of coffee as well. There are three main roasts to consider: light, medium, and dark.

Light roast is good for a more mild cup of coffee. It’s not roasted for as long, and the bean is much lighter. Because these beans aren’t roasted for as long, they’re slightly more caffeinated than dark roasts.

Medium roasts have a step up in flavor, and they’re more on par with what you might be familiar with in your coffee from the grocery store.

Dark roast coffee looks shiny on the outside and is oily to the touch. It creates a robust cup of coffee with a huge flavor and makes exceptional espresso.

Follow the Fair Trade

When a company says that they are a part of a fair trade community, it means that they are a part of a global movement that advocates putting the people behind the coffee first.

These are companies that commit themselves to making the best choices for the environment and the countries that they get their coffee from. They help to create a sustainable income for the source countries while also empowering small family farms to earn enough to make a living.

They also aim to have the least amount of impact on the environment.

Coffee Roasters Know

Coffee doesn’t have an eternal shelf life, and every day that it sits on the shelves it starts to get less and less flavorful.

As soon as the coffee bean is finished roasting, it starts to oxidize, which means that you have to use it as soon as possible to get the most flavorful cup. Controlling when your beans get roasted can make all the difference.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Assuming you know a little bit more about the technical side of things, let’s take a look at what makes a quality cup of coffee different from one that your customers can brew from home. It’s a good idea to have a working knowledge of different flavors, notes, and pairings for each coffee you offer.


Acidity is also known as the sharpness of a cup of coffee. The next time you have some coffee, take a sip and notice the way the flavor hits the edges of your tongue. That’s the acidity, and it helps to bring the brightness to your cup.

It’s important to have a good balance of acidity in order to keep from having a flat cup of coffee.


The taste of your coffee only plays a small part in the way your customers will perceive it. The aroma of your cup will do half the work in creating a mouthwatering experience.

Think about how you want your customers to feel just before they take that first sip. Do they want the first impression to be fruity, earthy, flowery, or smoky? Each kind of coffee has its own aroma profile as well.


The body of the coffee is best described as the way it feels in your mouth. The base of every coffee is water, but some coffees are so rich that it can feel like you’re drinking a glass of milk. Think about what might make the perfect balance for your customers and base your coffee bean choice around that.


As we mentioned before, the amount of time that your coffee beans spend in the roaster will change the flavor profile in a dramatic way. Do you think your customers will like a lighter blend, a dark blend, or something in between?


To wrap it all up is the finish. How does that cup of coffee taste after you’ve had it? Every coffee is different, and some might have a fruity aftertaste while others have a more heavy chocolate feel. This is usually the factor that decides what kind of pastry or dessert your coffee pairs well with.

The Best Cup Starts With the Best Wholesale Coffee Beans

The one thing you don’t want to cut corners on in your coffee business, is the coffee beans! That’s why it’s important to give your wholesale coffee beans serious consideration. You need to know where in the world the beans came from, what their qualities are, and what kind of cup they’re going to offer your customers. You can buy coffee in bulk with us. You can buy coffee in bulk with us.

For more information on the best wholesale coffee beans from around the world, contact us today!