Award-Winning Colombia Microlots

Now Arrived: Award-Winning Colombia Microlots

Our founder and CEO, Lisa Colon, and Kika Miramontes, ICT’s Quality Control specialist and a Certified Q- Grader, were selected as judges for the second annual FNC National Coffee Quality Competition “Colombia, Land of Diversity”.  Hundreds of coffees were entered, and ICT was thrilled to purchase some of the winning lots at auction.

The release of these award-winners also marks an exciting first for ICT, as for the first time we are able to offer these coffees in our new 24 kg premium packaging. Ideal for roasters small and large, these boxes are inexpensive to ship nationwide.

These microlots are in stock and available for nationwide shipping. Quantities are extremely limited, and orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call or E-mail your trader for up to date pricing and availability information.


Finca El Placer

The overall winner in the microlot category comes from Finca El Placer, under the ownership of Rafael Alberto Valenzuela.  Mr. Valenzuela’s Tolima farm has a long history of accolades, including a 4th-place finish at Colombia’s Cup of Excellence competition in 2015, as well as a 3rd-place finish in 2011.  This is Colombian coffee royalty, and that’s reflected in the cup.

  • Region: Tolima
  • Sub Region: El Recre Bajo, Cajamarca
  • Farm: Finca El Placer
  • Farm Size: 21.8 Hectares
  • Altitude: 1,888 masl
  • Varietals: Tabi 50%, Castillo, 40%, Caturra 10%
  • Total Yearly Production: 5000 kg
  • Harvest: November 2016
  • Processing: Washed
  • Fermentation: 18-24 hours without water
  • Drying: Sun-dried for 50 days, mechanical for 3 hours

Cupping Notes: What stands out here is Finca El Placer’s incredible depth and sweetness, and velvety body.  The nose is rich with florals, chocolate, dried fruit and caramel.  Those notes carry through to the palate, along with vanilla, honey, toffee and butterscotch.  A long, lingering and sweet finish completes the experience.


San Judas Tadeo

Luisa Francisca Guaragna Salazar’s farm is located in San Javier, Cienega, in the Magdalena Department.  Magdalena is in the far north of Colombia, and is home to some of Colombia’s most revered microlots and organic coffees.  This lot exemplifies the delicate and refined character of the best coffees from the region.

  • Region: Magdalena
  • Sub-region: San Javier, Cienega
  • Farm: San Judas Tadeo
  • Farm Size: 20 Hectares
  • Altitude: 1,443 masl
  • Varietals: Castillo
  • Total Yearly Production: 5,000 kg
  • Harvest: December 2016
  • Processing: Washed
  • Fermentation: 22 hours without water
  • Drying: Sun-dried for 13 days

Cupping Notes: Vanilla, floral, milk chocolate and citrus notes on the nose. Chocolate, brown sugar, cedar, floral, sweet lime. The finish is long and clean, with notes of fine brandy.  A complex, elegant and refined coffee that’s best when savored slowly.

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