An Ultimate Guide for Buying the Best Green Coffee Beans Wholesale

Every day, people around the world drink an estimated 1.4 billion cups of coffee.

It’s clearly one of the most popular drinks in the world, and many small business owners can profit greatly off of this vice by opening their own coffee shop.

As coffee ages over time, the bold and rich flavors will become bitter, highly acidic and will taste unpleasant. Roasted whole beans have a shelf life of approximately 30 days for holding their flavor, and best flavors come within the first 48 hours of roasting.

Luckily, there is a way to combat this problem for your business by investing in buying unroasted green coffee beans wholesale. If you want to know where to buy green coffee beans, here is an ultimate guide on how to choose the highest quality beans for your business.

Begin by Understanding the Regions

Different climates will grow different types of coffee beans, creating a variety of flavors for your coffee. It’s important to know what type of beans come from what region when buying beans for your business.

The Americas

This region is known for creating green coffee beans that have a light floral and citrus flavor. When brewed this will give the coffee a little hint of sweetness, and sometimes chocolatey flavors. Some of the most common areas in this region are Mexico, Costa Rica, and Brazil, Colombia, and Hawaii.

Mexico is known for growing organic coffee beans that have a chocolate nutty flavor. If someone seeking organic green coffee beans reach us.

Costa Rica generally has a deeper roast with nutty or citrus flavors.

Brazil’s green coffee beans are known to taste sweetly delicate with a chocolate nut flavor when roasted and brewed.

Colombia is one of the most famous producers of coffee beans. The coffee grown here has a variety of different flavors, some offer a smooth chocolatey taste while others are said to be bright and fruity.

Hawaii is the only state in the United States that has the right climate to yield coffee bean production. The coffee from this area is most famously from Kona where they even have a coffee festival. The flavors here are generally mild and fruity.

East Africa and the Middle East

This arid region is known for its sweet, heavy notes and complex flavors. Choose green coffee beans from here to give your customers a unique and distinct flavor experience. Top growers in this area are Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

Ethiopia, known as the oldest producer of coffee and the origin of the arabica bean, has the best coffee beans for complex and fruity flavors.

For an acidic and sweet flavor green coffee bean with a hint of berry, Kenya is your place. This country has a well established growing industry.

Rwanda is an up and coming location for wholesale coffee beans. This country produces beans that taste floral and some may notice a hint of crisp apple.

The peaberry, a single bean within the coffee plant, is most widely known to grow in Tanzania. The peaberry has a nice juicy citrus flavor which makes a unique cup of coffee.


In Indonesia and India, the green coffee growers have a unique way of processing the beans that they grow.

Some Indonesia coffee growers dry their beans on clay which gives their coffee a deep earthy flavor, strong in body. They are known for their regional coffee grown in Sumatra, using the wet-hulled method and Java with its rustic flavors that are low in acidity and is often roasted dark to bring out the bold spicy flavors.

ndia is best known for its Monsoon Malabar, which is created when the green coffee beans are exposed to moisture creating a smooth, mild and creamy flavor of coffee after roasting.

When Buying The Best Coffee Beans Wholesale, Get to Know the Beans

The best coffee beans are certainly a matter of opinion, but there are two main types of coffee beans to choose from when buying wholesale, arabica and robusta beans.

It’s important to learn what type of bean you are buying from the seller because these two have very distinct tastes. You should also inquire with the seller what characteristics the beans have because they all have different flavor profiles. As well as determining how the beans were processed after they were harvested. We offer Raw coffee beans for sale, check out and grab the best coffee. We offer Raw coffee beans for sale, check out and grab the best coffee.


Arabica beans are oblong in shape and tend to taste better than the robusta beans, however, they run on the more expensive side.

Robusta beans are cheaper, not as tasty, so they are often found in blends and espressos.


Acidity is what can make the coffee taste sharp and sour, or clean, crisp and refreshing. Different types of beans have different levels of acidity.

When determining what coffee your customers will want to drink, be sure to consider the body of the coffee bean. The body of the coffee is how the coffee feels in the mouth of the drinker. Some coffee will be thin like the water it is brewed from while others will be rich and creamy.

Most coffee drinkers love the smell of a cup of coffee. The aroma is what really draws them in and will leave their mouth watering and wanting a cup. The aroma will depend on the type of green coffee beans you invest in.


Depending on the region or producer there are two common ways to process the green coffee bean prior to roasting.

The dry process is typically the coffee cherry that is picked from the tree being left out in the sun to dry, then removing the bean, resulting in a sweeter, more distinct taste. Whereas the wet process is where they remove the bean from the coffee cherry before it’s dried which will create a less sweet bean but cleaner acidity.


Once you have made your purchases, you want to be sure to store your green coffee beans in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight, and ideally around 60F. This will help combat mold growth as well as keep your beans from drying out and losing their flavor.

Use your wholesale coffee beans as soon as you can after purchase to maintain their freshness and brew the perfect cup for your customers.

The Best Place to Buy Green Coffee Beans

Now that you’ve read the ultimate guide on how to choose the best green coffee beans wholesale, what are you waiting for?

Check out our website for the best coffee beans for your customers.

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