6 Awesome Tips to Make Your Coffee Packaging Stand out From the Rest

According to the National Coffee Association, Americans spend upwards of $75 billion on coffee every year. This has led to a huge uptick in the number of coffee roasters throughout the country with more than 2,000 of them throwing their roasted coffee beans into the mix.

If you run a coffee roasting company, this can make it difficult for your business to stand out in the crowd. Even if you roast the most delicious coffee beans in the country, your company might still get lost in the shuffle.

Creating awesome coffee packaging is one good way for your company to differentiate itself from all the other companies that are out there. Your goal should be to create packaging that leaves a strong impression on people.

Here are six tips that will help make your coffee packaging stand out from all the others.

1. Take a Look at What Your Competition Is Bringing to the Table

As we just mentioned, there are thousands of coffee roasters scattered throughout the country at this time. Almost all of them are doing exactly what you’re doing while trying to figure out the right packaging for their coffee.

Spend some time looking around at what approach each of them has taken to creating packaging. If possible, get photos of the packaging that your closest competitors are using to see what you are competing against.

Are most of your competitors using a particular type of packaging for their coffee? Are they using certain colors in an effort to help themselves stand out? Are they including specific buzzwords on their packaging to describe their products?

You’re going to have a difficult time standing out from your competition if you don’t know what they’re offering. Check out their packaging and find inspiration to make your packaging unique.

2. Learn About the Different Types of Coffee Packaging

Most coffee beans come packaged in pouches these days. But not all pouches are not created equal when it comes to coffee packaging.

There are so many different styles of packaging available to you and your coffee roasting company. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Stand-up pouches (also known as doypacks)
  • Side-fold bags
  • Quadro-seal bags
  • Box pouches

Some of these packaging options are tall and skinny, while others are short and stumpy. Think about which type of packaging will work best for your coffee, based on both your own personal preferences and the packaging used by your competitors.

3. Consider the Key Elements You Want to Include on Your Packaging

There is so much that you can say about your company’s coffee on the outside of your packaging. So much, in fact, that you’re not going to be able to fit it all!

Therefore, it’s important for you to decide which key elements you want to include on the outside of your coffee packaging. From the name of your company and your logo to the origin of your coffee beans and your slogan, there are so many things you could potentially put on your packaging.

That being said, there are three words you should keep in mind when creating packaging: Keep it simple.

Simplicity is the key to creating the best possible packaging for your coffee.

If the outside of your packaging is too cluttered, it’s going to make it hard for people to focus in on it so that they can read what it says. It will catch their eye if it’s more simple.

4. Choose the Right Colors for Your Packaging

Adding color to your coffee packaging is another very effective way to attract attention to it. When you pick out the right colors for your packaging, you shouldn’t have any problem getting people to look in your coffee’s direction.

The “right” colors don’t necessarily need to be the brightest and boldest colors. You can command attention for your coffee by going with something more subtle.

The important thing is that you choose colors that aren’t being used by your competition. If you pick colors that closely resemble the colors on their packaging, people might confuse your coffee with theirs or vice versa.

Generally speaking, it’s smart to test out different colors on your packaging during the design phase of it. You’ll be able to see which colors speak to you the most so that you can incorporate them into the final packaging.

5. Use Only High-Quality Materials to Create Your Packaging

When you’re in the process of putting together packaging for coffee, you’re going to be very tempted to use low-quality plastics to manufacture your pouches. This will seem like such a simple way to save a few bucks while still providing people with great coffee.

Do not do this!

Instead, go with high-quality materials that will protect your coffee and prevent negative affectations such as the sun’s UV rays from harming it. At the same time, it’s essential to keep sustainability in mind when creating coffee packaging.

Many coffee drinkers are starting to pay attention to whether or not the packaging for coffee is made with the environment in mind. If you use packaging that doesn’t contain any biodegradable elements, it could negatively effect you.

6. Make Sure Your Packaging Is Easy to Open and Close

You can put together the most beautiful coffee packaging in the world, but what good is it if people struggle to open and close it when getting their coffee?

Many coffee roasters are starting to package their coffee inside of pouches with zippers on them. This makes it very easy for people to open and close their pouches. It also helps them keep coffee fresher for longer, which is a common problem experienced.  People might not notice this particular part of your packaging when they first see it, but they’ll come to appreciate it once they start using your coffee on a regular basis.

Pay Attention to What You’re Putting Inside Your Coffee Packaging, Too

At the end of the day, you can create the most beautiful coffee packaging in the world. But it will be useless if you aren’t able to pair it up with incredible coffee inside.

If you’re searching for a wholesale coffee supplier to help you out in this area, we would be more than willing to help. We specialize in supplying green coffee beans to those companies looking to get their hands on them.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your coffee roasting company stand out.


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