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FTO Guatemala SHB EP Fancy

Supplier: Asproguate Cooperative
Grade: SHB EP Fancy
Region: Acatenango
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic
Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Citrus Fruit, Milk Chocolate, Crisp Acidity, Creamy Body
About the Asproguate Cooperative:
Asproguate represents over 1,500 small producers from San Martin, Acatenango, Coban and Atitlan. 55% of the producers are women and 90% of the producing members are Cakchiquel and Tzutujil, indigenous Mayan. They invest in education and promote consistent social advancement for members and their community. They prioritize long-term buying relationships. Constant eruptions from the nearby Fuego Volcano keep the coarse, sandy soils full of minerals.

Organic Colombia Excelso EP Fancy

Supplier: CooCafe Cooperative (Cooperativa de Cafes Especiales Sierra Nevada)
Grade: Excelso EP Fancy
Region: Sierra Nevada
Certifications: Organic
Tasting Notes: Creamy, Nectarine, Vanilla, Delicate Acidity, Medium Body
About the CooCafe Cooperative:
Coocafe is made up of 38 coffee producers located along the coast of Colombia. Each producer harvests coffee on 5 acre farms which allows them to manage their own micro-mill and processing station. During the harvest, there is immense focus and care when hand picking cherries, depulping, fermenting and drying coffees.

Honduras SHG EP San Vicente

ICT Reference: P115933 & P115934
Region: Santa Barbara
Tasting Notes: Lemon & Lime, Stone Fruit, Dark Chocolate Flavors. Bright Citrus-Like Acidity and Silky Body.
San Vicente is an exporting company. The coffee comes from a combination 100+ small independent farmers whose coffee is grown on the Santa Barbara mountain at 1,000 – 1,500+ meters above sea level. In addition to exporting, San Vicente also helps over 1,500 small farmers in all aspects of coffee production, developing relationships in achieving success through trust, dedication, and hard work.

Tanzania Peaberry Kilimanjaro Estate

ICT Reference: P115823
Region: Mount Kilimanjaro
Tasting Notes: Floral Aroma. Brown Sugar, Dried Fruit, and Hibiscus Flavors. Bright Acidity and Creamy Body. Complex and Fruity.
The uniquely fertile area in the region surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro is among the best in the world for the cultivation of Arabica. The coffee is grown at 1,200 – 2,000 meters above sea level.
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