Costa Rica

coffee orgin costa rica farm

Costa Rican coffee is among the most consistent in the world in terms of processing and quality. Mid-elevation offerings tend to be clean and sweet, with citrus notes predominating. Higher elevation coffees are denser and more assertive, with dried fruit and caramel notes.

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El Salvador

coffee orgin el salvador

Salvadoran coffees tend to be softer and somewhat more full-bodied than most from Central America. The best Salvador coffees are designated “strictly high-grown” and are noted for their complexity and subtlety.

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guatemalan coffee

Despite its relatively small size Guatemala is blessed with great climatic diversity and produces a great deal of premium coffee. The best-known region is Antigua, which produces high-grown coffees known for their silky mouthfeel, fine acidity, and balance. Only rarely is Guatemalan coffee naturally processed, though it can be exceptional if you can find it. …

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honduran coffee

Premium Honduran coffee is typically full-bodied and sweet, with mild acidity. It is generally washed-processed and graded by the altitude at which it was grown. After a period of natural disasters and political unrest Honduras has seen an increase in both volume and quantity in recent years and, while quality is still inconsistent it is …

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mexican coffee2

Most Mexican coffee is lowland-grown and unexceptional, but high-grown specialty coffees from Mexico are considered among the best in the world. These coffees tend to be delicate with a crisp acidity and light body. Coffees grown in Chiapas are often described as being similar to Guatemalan coffees.

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nicaraguan coffee

Nicaragua is home to many small farms and cooperatives and produces a coffee that is typically moderate in acidity and medium in body, often with hints of vanilla and tropical nuts. Most Nicaraguan coffee is washed and shade-grown. Nicaraguan coffees have increasingly received international acclaim in recent years, such as the “Finca Carolina” scoring to …

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