The most important coffee producer in Indonesia is Sumatra, generally using the “wet-hulled” method. The vast majority of Sumatran coffee is sourced from very small farms, with a single offering containing beans from many different small suppliers. Sumatran coffee tends to be among the most full-bodied and earthy of any in the world.

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yemen coffee

Commonly known as Moka, Moca or Mocca. Coffee from Yemen can often resemble coffee from Harrar in its wildness and deep fruit notes. This is the most traditionally produced coffee in the world, the process basically unchanged in the past 500 years. All are naturals, and the most complex and aromatic come from the Mattar …

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indian coffee2

India is a major producer of both Robusta and Arabica coffee, though most of it is consumed domestically and the country is not well-known among American coffee consumers. All Arabica coffee from India is produced in the south, and almost all is washed process. It tends to be full-bodied with soft acidity and subtle sweetness, …

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