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Established back in 1962 and under the ownership of the Ondhia family, Nitin Coffee Estate Ltd holds a storied legacy as one of the pioneering coffee plantations in the Oldeani Area. With a rich history interwoven into the fabric of coffee cultivation, the estate’s journey took an exciting turn in May 2022 when it was reestablished as Adventures Big V Estates Limited. Notably, the farm proudly carries the Rainforest Alliance certification—a testament to its dedication to sustainable and responsible practices.

Beyond its coffee production, Adventures Big V Estates Limited plays a crucial role in nature preservation. Serving as a vital wildlife corridor, the estate facilitates the movement of elephants, buffaloes, and various other animals from the iconic Ngorongoro Crater, a world-renowned game reserve. This connection between habitats contributes significantly to the conservation of these animals. Situated at 6,000 feet above sea level, amidst the shade of albizzia, grevillea, and cordia trees, the area enjoys a reputation for cultivating exceptional coffee. The region’s unique terroir, characterized by mineral-rich volcanic soil and the presence of underlying black currents, grows coffee with a bright acidity and distinctive character.

At the heart of Nitin Estate’s esteemed reputation lies its production of Peaberry coffee beans. But what exactly distinguishes a Peaberry? In contrast to the conventional coffee bean, which typically divides into two distinct halves during growth, a Peaberry emerges as a singular, round-shaped bean that develops within the coffee cherry. This rarity accounts for just about 5% of the global coffee bean harvest. Peaberry beans encompass elevated acidity, enriched sweetness, and a remarkable brightness on the palate.

Bag Size

60 Kg Bags


PB FAQ Nitin – Grainpro


Nitin Estate


Dupuy Jacksonville




1,700 M


Fully Washed


Ken and SL27



Cupping Notes

Medium Acidity, Creamy Body, Lemon, Nougat and Citrus with a Sweet Floral Finish



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