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Costa Rica SHB EP Fancy Don Claudio

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Don Claudio is milled and exported by Coopeagri, a pioneering cooperative since 1962. Their mission has always been to elevate local farming, benefiting small- and medium-sized farmers in San Isidro de General. With over 10,000 dedicated members, Coopeagri stands strong as a community hub.

Their unwavering commitment to member prosperity drives initiatives, from medical facilities for accessible healthcare to robust agronomy support. They produce organic fertilizers for eco-friendly farming and operate a local café highlighting coffees cultivated by our members.

Nurtured Growth

Nestled in the Brunca region, Coopeagri farms thrive in mountainous landscapes with volcanic soil. Elevated terrains provide the perfect environment for flavorful, dense coffee beans.

Harvest & Care

Cherry selection is meticulous, with farmers delivering the finest to a nearby wet mill. Our eco-conscious approach, like using centrifugal force instead of fermentation, preserves the local ecosystem. Washed parchment sun-dries naturally, reducing water use and nutrient runoff.

Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) Fancy

“Fancy” is an additional descriptor that can be applied to SHB coffee. When coffee is labeled as “SHB Fancy”, it indicates not only that the beans were grown at high altitudes but also that they are of exceptional quality. The term “Fancy” is used to emphasize that these beans have been carefully selected based on size, appearance, and overall quality. This often involves sorting and grading processes to ensure that only the best beans make it into this category.

European Preparation (EP) Excellence

Following the ethos of European Preparation (EP), this coffee is sorted to Screen 15+ standards. This guarantees exceptional quality, allowing only the finest beans to reach you.




SHB EP Fancy

Bag Size

69 kg


EBL San Leandro




1,400 – 1,900 masl




Caturra, Catuai


December – February

Cupping Notes

Bright Acidity, Medium Body, Brown Sugar, Stone Fruit, Sweet Cream with a Sweet and Clean Finish

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